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Geb and Nut - All Natural

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All Natural

These gods live outdoors, in the rocks, trees, waterways, and atmosphere on and surrounding Earth. Actually, we wouldn't have a planet without them. Geb and Nut have gotten to know a few of them pretty well on their hikes and flights.

Gaia (Terra)

She's a big girl—but she should be, since she's the entire earth. Gaia is Greek, and the entire planet belongs to her. Sometimes she bickers with Geb over who's really in charge of the world, but they both love it too much to fight too fiercely about it.


This Norse god has it all—and he'll probably give it to you as a gift, if you know him long enough. He's very generous and loves sailing. Geb sometimes gets a little jealous of all the time Njord spends stargazing, but Nut only has eyes for Geb, even if everybody else is looking at her star-quality body!

Demeter (Ceres)

This Greek goddess loves digging in the dirt. She's excellent at farming—all the kids from the country schools love talking with her about plants. Sometimes she gets a little moody in the winter, when her daughter Persephone leaves town, but otherwise she's usually pretty chipper.

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