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Geb and Nut - Big Boys and Girls

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Big Boys and Girls

These are the biggest kids on the block—literally. These deities are either giants or they're larger than life in some other way. Geb and Nut are two of the biggest ones, but they always make room for everyone else. How considerate.

Asterion (The Minotaur)

Queen Pasiphae of Crete had a fling with Poseidon's bull, and their son Asterion the Minotaur was the result. He's a big guy—er, bull—and he doesn't get out much, but he's been spending some time outdoors with Nut to work on his anger issues. It seems to be helping. Being locked up in a maze wasn't very good for his sanity.


What happens when you throw Middle Earth's giant sea serpent into the ocean? You get Jormungand, the Norse Big Bad, that's what. This guy is so big that he can circle the entire earth from nose to tail! Yes, that means he's bigger than Geb, though sometimes they fight it out with wrestling matches. No arm-wrestling though, since Jormungand doesn't have any arms.


He's a northern guy like our friend Jormy, but Thrym's not a snake. He's king of the frost giants, and big enough to cause problems in Asgard, when he's not hanging out with the other frost giants. Geb thinks he's a little cold.

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