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Geb and Nut - Couples

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Everybody in this clique has a steady boyfriend or girlfriend—some of them are already married. Geb and Nut don't get to be together physically, but they're very committed to their relationship. (And we're all very, very glad they have no interest in going their separate ways.)

Osiris and Isis

Egypt's original power couple are actually Geb and Nut's eldest son and daughter. Osiris was born first and inherited Geb's kingship; Isis is the cleverest of all the goddesses, and fell in love with her big brother before they were born. These days, they watch over Egypt while their parents take care of everybody else. Like Mom and Dad, Osiris and Isis are also separated—not by Shu, but by death, since Seth murdered Osiris and made him king of the afterlife.

Zeus and Hera

Sometimes the rest of the clique wonders if these two are going to make it. Zeus and Hera have legendary fights, and they're constantly scheming against each other. But if you ask them directly, they'll tell you they still love each other. Maybe they'll learn something from hanging out with their peers?

Thor and Sif

They're young, they're gorgeous, and they're athletic. Everybody wants to be Thor and Sif, the most beautiful couple at school. But things aren't always perfect for these two Norse lovebirds. (If you don't believe us, mention a certain Jarnsaxa in Sif's presence… uh oh.)

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