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Hades (Pluto) - The Goths

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The Goths

You'll find Hades hanging out in the shadows, the stairwells, and the dark corners of the schoolyard. If there's a cemetery nearby, you might find him there too. However, he's not alone. It turns out that most cultures and mythologies have a god of the dead, so Hades has plenty of company.

Pluto (Roman)

When the Romans took over Greek mythology, they changed Hades's name to Pluto. In Roman mythology, Pluto also became associated with wealth and riches. People would also make sacrifices to Hades/Pluto when they wanted something bad to happen to their enemies.

Anubis/Osiris (Egyptian)

Anubis was the lord of the afterlife and is often associated with the mummification process in ancient Egypt. Over time, Osiris took over as the god of the dead.

Hel (Norse)

In Norse mythology, Hel is Loki's daughter from his union with a giantess. Odin, king of the Norse gods, casts her into the underworld, where she rules.

Chamer (Mayan)

Chamer is the Mayan god of death. You can read more about him here.

Yama (Hindi)

Yama is the Hindu god of death. Click here to learn more about the god that everyone feared.

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