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Hapi - Lords and Ladies of the Rivers

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Lords and Ladies of the Rivers

These watery women and men find themselves spending time under the the rivers over which they reign. In fact, they are personifications of the very bodies of water where they reside. Some are lucky in love, while others can't find their mates, but they all love a good swim.


The Greek god Alpheus is a big-time star, enough so that he gets a river named after him. He wasn't so fortunate in his choice of lady friends, however. He fell for the nymph Arethousa, who was so not into him that she ran away and turned into a spring. Needless to say, Alphy got a lot of grief at the lunch table about that.


The personification of the sacred Indian river of the same name, the Hindu goddess Sarasvati is so much more than just that. She is also a patron of the arts and loves to teach music to underprivileged children in her spare time. Sara's so smart that she even invented the language of Sanskrit. Pretty impressive, huh?


This Irish goddess of the river Boyne and fertility is no slouch when it comes to her résumé. Boann had an affair with the Dagda and had a son, Aengus. She was able to get the sun to stop for nine months so that it looked like she conceived and gave birth on one day. Sly, huh?

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