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Hapi - Marsh Peeps

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Marsh Peeps

These lords and ladies like to hang out in their domains—the wet lowlands of marshes. They rule over the watery plants and croaking frogs, the crocodiles and bugs, all in the name of marshiness. The crocodile god Sobek also rules over the marshes with Hapi, but H-Town likes to pinch Sobek when he's reminded of that.


Ningikuga knows how to rule—she's the wife of one of the top Mesopotamian deities, Enki. Her name means "the lady of the pure reed," showing just how much she cares about the important plants along the river banks. In her spare time, she can be found doing laps or making reed bracelets.


This Roman nymph might not be well-known, but it doesn't mean she doesn't know her way around wetlands. Marica rules over the marshes at the mouth of the Liris River and is pretty important to local inhabitants. In her spare time, she likes nibbling on sardines and weaving.


These Greek nymphs of the marsh love to frolic about and don't mind the mud that comes with their territory. They'll spend all day picking reeds to make into crowns, but if a god comes along, they might start to run away in fear. The Heleionomai aren't the boldest of nymphs, but they are kind—they always try to share their lunches with one another.

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