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Hathor - The Divas

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The Divas

These ladies of the lunchyard are partners-in-crime in everything beauty- and fashion-related. They share makeup tips, get their hair done together at the local salon, paint each other's nails in neon hues, and hit the outlet malls.

Aphrodite (Venus)

The queen bee of Greek beauties, Aphrodite is the most alluring of deities. With a magical girdle that attracts all men and trendy threads that flatter her figure, this gorgeous goddess has every boy running after her. She's got a string of boyfriends longer than your grocery list, but Aphrodite always knows what the hottest eye shadow trends for the season are.


A goddess in the voodoo tradition, Erzulie is a temptress. Both a virgin and a patroness of love, she is stubborn and really likes red eye shadow. She runs with the hip crowd, but also does her own thing on the side. In fact, she's a beat poet in downtown Manhattan.


The Norse goddess of beauty, Freyja is constantly battling Aphrodite for control of the clique. She tries to set the latest trends before Aphro and buys designer heels nonstop. Plus, they had to compete for their Immortal Prom dates—but Freyja got stuck with Loki.


As the Phoenician lady of fertility and sexuality, Astarte is Aphrodite's second-in-command. She helps the queen of the clique pick out the hottest boys, but is a bit of a copy-cat. Last year, she started wearing cow horns—sound like someone else we know?

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