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Hathor's priestesses shook their instruments like Polaroid pictures. These ladies jingled and jangled during festivals with the sistrum, a type of rattle.

Even if they square off in their clique, Hathor and Aphrodite weren't always enemies. The Greeks identified their goddess of love with Hathor when they invaded Egypt. (Source.)

Pharaoh Ramses II couldn't choose between the loves of his life—his wife, Nefertari, and the gorgeous Hathor. The flummoxed pharaoh decided to combine them into one, dedicating a great temple to Hathor in Nefertari's name. Not sure how pleased she would be about that. (Source.)

The popular science fiction TV series Stargate named a character "Hathor" after the goddess.

Don't call her fat! In addition to a cow, Hathor appeared in the guise of hippopotami and other animals. She still isn't sure why she chose such chubby beasts as her totem animals. (Source.)

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