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Hathor - The Party Rockers

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The Party Rockers

At lunch, Hathor sits next to the night-clubbers. These are the guys and girls that never want the tunes to stop and yell at the DJ to "keep the music going!" They're the lives of the party and down drinks by the dozen while scorching the dance floor.

Dionysus (Bacchus)

Hathor and Greek god Dionysus have been party pals for years; he's the promoter and gets people to come, while she just can't stop dancing. Both of them are big boozers—he prefers wine, while she loves tequila shots—and are the lives of the party. Dionysus is also a mean DJ. He goes by the name of "DJ Wino" and spins tracks, especially Greek dance remixes, like no other.


Dionysus' son and sidekick, Comus, is a Roman god of festivity. He loves starting mosh pits and fist pumping to the music. He's also been known to bust out into a country hoedown when "Cotton-Eyed Joe" comes on the speaker.


This Sumerian goddess sits across from Dionysus and Hathor at the lunch table. She's the booze supplier of the Party Rockers. As a goddess of beer, she's got nonstop supply to all the best brews.

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