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Hatmehit - Cool Beauties

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Cool Beauties

Ever heard the phrase she's a cold fish? Well, Hatmehit is a fish—though we think Banebdjed might argue about how cold she is—and she has some goddess friends on the chilly side. They like to hang out in the winter, or in the ice cream parlor.

Hel (Holda)

On the few days she gets to leave the Norse Underworld, Hel loves shopping with her fellow Cool Beauties. Just don't expect to pry your shopping bags from her cold, dead hands—or any of the hands of her cold, dead servants.

Artemis (Diana)

She's like a fresh cool breeze through the evening woods. Apollo's twin sister and fellow Olympian is so cold, that she doesn't even want to admit Greek men exist. The few she's seen, she kills or turns into animals. Harsh!


Artemis's best friend in school, the Norse goddess Skadi makes everybody look warm, Artemis included. Skadi's favorite thing to do is invite everybody to go skiing, except her family enemy Loki. When Artemis asked what Skadi did to keep Loki away, even she had to admit she doesn't hate guys that much.

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