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Hatmehit Sightings

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Jan 1, 1970 - Jan 1, 1970

Foremost of fishes

Hatmehit appears as the local goddess of the 16th nome (like a state) of Lower Egypt. She's a woman with a fish on a stick (not a fish stick!) on top of her head. She's got the whole city of Mendes (the 16th nome capital) to herself.

Getting rammed

When Banebdjed, the ram-headed god form of Osiris (or Ra or Shu or Amun, depending on who you talk to), moved into Mendes a few centuries later, Hatmehit was asked to share. (And she didn't mind, since he was so sexy and fun!) So the two gods were married and shared a temple with their son, Horus the Child (Harpocrates), a local form of Horus the Younger.

Jan 1, 1970 - Dec 20, 2019

Fish heads (and fish bodies, and fishes on heads!)

Hatmehit appears in lots of amulets, either as a fish head (no, not a roly poly one) or a full fish, in jewelry and funeral accessories.

Dec 20, 2019 - Jan 1, 1970

Take temple land, get a curse

An official stela (like a stone tablet) that records a sale of land to Hatmehit and Banebdjed's temple declares a curse on anybody who tries to use it for anything other than temple business. Talk about a no trespassing sign!

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