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Hatmehit - The Swim Fins

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The Swim Fins

If there's one thing Hatmehit enjoys, it's swimming. She's always in the pool, and usually in the company of one or more of the Swim Fins. This week they're practicing Marco Polo, though none of them really know what Marco Polo means.


He's usually sitting out in the middle of the pool in an inflatable Viking ship, but Scandinavia's sea god isn't just lazing. Njord's checking out the depths, and making sure nobody is scaring away the fish he snuck into the pool so he'll have something to look at while he's sitting there.

Poseidon (Neptune)

Poseidon's the fastest swimmer, and don't even think about starting a splash fight with him—if he calls on any of his Greek Titan friends, you're bound to lose. Njord's a little annoyed with him sticking his trident into everything that moves under the surface, but for the most part, Poseidon's easy going.

Manannan mac Lir

Ireland has a double threat. Years ago, Manannan's father, Lir, was the head of the Swim Fins, but nowadays, his son Manannan's the star swimmer, and captain of the boat squad. He's got a party boat out in the Western Seas, so Banebdjed and Hatmehit often hang out with him, or invite him to party with them on their Nile barge back in Mendes.

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