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Heimdall - Band Nerds

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Band Nerds

You'll probably hear the members of this clique before you see them, as the sounds of their well-tuned instruments waft down from the music room during lunchtime. There's nothing they like better than a good riff, and when they get together, the results are ear-splitting. The sound of Heimdall's horn is so piercing that when he blows it, everyone in the world can hear (and know Ragnarök is close at hand). When he's joined by lutists and flautists, the results are pure harmony.


This Greek half-man, half-goat god is best known for his pipes. When Pan fell in love with a water-nymph, he wasn't deterred when she shape-shifted into a river reed. He simply joined her with some other reeds to make a set of pipes, and kept her with him. Nicely done, Pan.


This Greek god of music was so entranced by the sounds of the lyre invented by the infant Hermes, that he traded some of his prized cattle to become its owner. It's a good thing, too, because Hermes had already used the cattle's entrails to make its strings. Mmm. Now Apollo is master of the lyre, and doesn't leave home without it.

The Angel Gabriel

Although neither the Hebrew Bible nor the New Testament specifies which of the archangels will sound the trumpet blast that signals the beginning of the apocalypse, English literary culture has designated Gabriel as the horn-blower. He appears in everything from Renaissance paintings to modern Christmas cards holding a long golden horn. Toot away, Gabriel.

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