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Spotter's Guide

Hel's stuck in Hel forever. Odin put her there to prevent her from ever becoming a problem for him. She's made the most of her exile, though. She hangs in her huge hall, Éljuðnir, bossing her servants around and planning feasts for the dead. Hel's pretty easy to recognize: Just look for her half-black, half-white face (split right down the middle!) and her loonnnggg dark hair. Finding Hel's not the hard part, though; it's getting out that's the problem.

Sex: Female
Age: Young
Build: Thin
Complexion: Unusual
Hair Color: Black
Facial Hair: Nope
Scars/marks/tattoos: Half-black, half-white face
Jewelry and accessories: A scepter, plus a dish called hunger and a knife called famine (Gylfaginning, Ch. 34)
Clothing: Long, flowing dresses
Armor: She doesn't need armor. She's already in Hel.
Type of Weapon: High walls and strong gates

Typical Companions

Hod and Balder
Gatekeeper Modgud
Watchdog Garmr
Servants Ganglati and Ganglöt

Known Hangouts

Her hall, Éljuðnir
Hel, Thrymheim
Dark, cold places

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