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Hephaestus (Vulcan) - The Birth of Hephaestus

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The Birth of Hephaestus

Case Description: Complainant (Hephaestus) accuses defendant (Hera) of child abuse and abandonment. After Hera gave birth to Hephaestus, she was disgusted by how ugly he was and threw him from Olympus. As a result of the fall, Hephaestus still walks with a limp.

Case Status: Case settled. Hephaestus took matters into his own hands and created a golden throne that ensnared Hera. At first Hephaestus refused to come to Olympus to release his mother, but Dionysus got him drunk and brought him passed out on a donkey. It is rumored that Hephaestus may have released Hera in return for Aphrodite's hand in marriage.

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