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Hera (Juno) - The Overly Possessive Girlfriends/Boyfriends

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The Overly Possessive Girlfriends/Boyfriends

Hera's one of those gods who loves being in a long-term relationship. She likes everything about it: the wedding, the commitment, the family portraits, the monogamy (ahem), going to parties with her man on her arm, etc. She's constantly talking about her man and their relationship. She watches him like a hawk, and starts totally public and volatile fights with him in the middle of the schoolyard. These fights can be really entertaining, especially if you aren't the target of Hera's wrath.

And guess what? The Greeks weren't the only ones with a goddess like Hera.

Juno (Roma)

When the Romans take over, Hera becomes Juno. She remains the goddess of marriage, but she also becomes a close advisor and protector of Rome and its finances. She, Jupiter (Zeus), and Minerva (Athena) are the Big Three – the rulers who helped govern the Roman empire. Juno also is also responsible for watching over and guiding women.

Frigg (Norse)

As Hera is married to the king of the Olympians, Frigg is married to the ruler of the Norse gods, Odin. She is the Norse goddess of marriage, and she, too, has to deal with her husband's adulterous ways. Odin has thing for Freyja, goddess of love and sex.

Isis (Egyptian)

Isis is one of the most major of the Egyptian gods. In addition to being the goddess of the dead, she is also the goddess of marriage and fertility. She is considered to be the advisor and protector of the pharaohs and a mother figure. She is the mother of the great Horus, god of war and the sky. The Greeks and Romans took a fancy to Isis, and the Romans even built a temple for her.

Inanna (Sumerian)

Inanna is the Sumerian goddess of love, sex, and war. When people disrespect or disobey her, she loves to stir the pot and start battles and wars. Carnage is her thing. She is known for luring male suitors in and rejecting them just as quickly.

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