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Hestia (Vesta) - Pyromaniacs

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You know how when you were little you were told never to play with matches? Well, Hestia and her flame-loving friends just never got the message. Unlike some of the rowdier members of this clique, who love to watch things burn, Hestia just likes to sit calm and cozy by the fireplace. Good thing she enjoys it. As the goddess of the hearth, it's her sacred duty to tend the hearth of Olympus, and all other hearths and sacrificial fires are sacred to her, too.


This flaming Titan was the original god of the sun. Way back in the day, it was his job to tow the sun across the sky every day with his golden chariot drawn by fiery horses. The most famous myth involving Helios describes when he unwisely let his son Phaeton drive the chariot, which almost resulted in the incineration of the entire earth. Oops. Eventually, Helios was replaced as sun god by the young upstart Olympian, Apollo. Between you and us, Helios is still majorly ticked off about this.

Hephaestus (Vulcan)

Hephaestus is the Greek god of fire, volcanoes, and blacksmithing. One time he got some seriously bad news from Helios, who told him that his wife, Aphrodite, was cheating on him with Ares, god of war. It was hard for Helios to break it to him, but pyromaniacs have to stick together, right?


The big mama of Hawaiian goddesses, this mistress of volcanoes is said to live in the Halemaumau crater, which is still fiery and smoking to this day. Rumor has it that every eruption on Hawaii's Big Island is an expression of Pele's longing for her lost love, Lohiau.


The Norse trickster god of fire, Loki, has the flaming red hair to match his occupation. In The Avengers movie, the Hulk totally kicks his butt—and it's hilarious.


This fiery Japanese Shinto demon loves to cause earthquakes and volcanic eruptions. Yeah, no one ever wants to hang out with him on the weekends.

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