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Horus the Elder appears as a Gou'ald in the Stargate SG-1 series (as "Heru-ur")… and he's a bad guy? What the? The real Horus would NEVER ally with Apophis!

The "Horus Heresy" series of books from the Warhammer 40,000 games (Black Library Press) tell the story of a devastating universal war many millennia in the future, led by a general named Horus. Primarch Horus, the favorite son of his Emperor, loses his soul to chaos and leads a war against the entire universe, helped by his friends, including one named "Little Horus." It's ancient Egyptian myths in power armor!

Ever noticed that sun with wings that appears at the top of the doorway in all the ancient Egyptian temples? It's called a winged disk, and it's a symbol of Horus the Elder. The winged disk commemorates a giant battle he fought against evil near the temple of Edfu (called Behdet). Ra gave him the sun symbol, two cobras were added to indicate the two gods/kings, and Horus's hawk wings were set on the sides, as a sign of victory over evil and those who do bad things. (Source.)

We know that Horus the Elder would love using a Horus Vision rifle scope.

A silent film named "The Eye of Horus," starring Laura Oakley, was released in 1916. It was the fifth and final film in a series of thrillers called "Lord John's Journal." A lot of death-defying action ensued.

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