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Horus the Elder - The Jocks

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The Jocks

Every school has a bunch of guys who do nothing but play sports. You know, the stars of the football team, the basketball team, the wrestling team—this clique is calling all the shots and scoring all the points. They have the hottest dates and the fastest cars, and it seems like everybody wants to be them.


Better, harder, faster: everything about the $10 million Greek goddess of strength and speed is victorious, down to those expensive sneakers with her name written on them. (Did you think that was a coincidence?)


Don't let his appearance fool you. This Hindu god, who appears as a monkey, is so strong that he once picked up and carried an entire mountain to rush healing herbs to a dying friend. One time, Hanuman even held the sun back from rising. His stories are full of feats of strength and speed.

Neith (Nit)

One of the oldest ancient Egyptian goddesses, Neith sure isn't letting her years get to her. As the goddess of archery, she never misses her mark. Horus the Elder can't even beat her on the target range with both his eyes in working order.


When people talk about godlike strength, they're probably talking about this guy. Heracles proved he was the strongest, not once but twelve times. Just don't ask him to be nice to his stepmother. Not even the strongest man ever to become a god can handle Hera when she's angry.

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