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Horus the Elder - Tough Guys

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Tough Guys

These guys aren't exactly bullies, but they're definitely intimidating. It's not surprising; most of them could squish you flat without even thinking about it. Horus the Elder doesn't always like to hang out with them, but his size and strength usually gets him counted among the group.

Guan Yu

Ever eaten in a Chinese restaurant? You've probably seen this tough guy's angry face once or twice. Guan Yu was a general under the first emperor of China's Han Dynasty. He was so tough that they made him a god after he died, and even today, many Chinese people keep images of him, red-faced and carrying a long pike or spear, on their altars.


Nobody's brave enough to tell this Yoruba goddess of battle and storms that she can't hang out with the boys. We're not sure if it's because she's the toughest deity in her pantheon, or because she often dresses up like her husband, Chango, complete with the beard.

Mextli (Tecciztecatl)

This god is such a bad boy that he was born fully armed. Mextli is the god of the moon, war, and storms for the Aztec people. Is their country named Mexico now because they were afraid to name it anything else? Who knows.


This god's got more than a handful. His mighty strength holds up the sky. Yes, the whole sky, all day and all night. It wasn't his idea, but now that he's stuck with it, Atlas makes sure to stay fit so he doesn't drop it and end up with even more punishments from Zeus.

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