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Horus the Elder - Auto Club and Woodshop

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Auto Club and Woodshop

Warriors and blacksmiths, these tough gods put the metal in heavy metal. They hang out after school and work on cars, or sit on the steps wearing matching t-shirts that show off the awesome muscles they got from all that work in the forge.

Hephaestus (Vulcan)

His parents call him Hephaestus, which is his older, Greek name, but he thinks Vulcan sounds tougher. Even though Vulcan is the blacksmith of the gods of Olympus, he's not as big or tough as some of the other guys on this clique. But he's got something else on them: he's also the god of sculpture and technology—watch him as he makes robots for the science fair.

Wayland Smith

The Norse called him Völundr, but Anglo-Saxons had trouble pronouncing that, so this god ended up with the not-very-tough name of Wayland. He's quite good at crafting jewelry, but before you think he's soft, you ought to know he usually makes it from the body parts of his enemies. Ouch.


This Irish god makes lots of weapons for his Celtic people and the other Celtic gods. Once he even gave Lludd a hand. No, really—he made him a new hand, out of silver.

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