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The "Rx" symbol used in pharmacies is actually a modern rendering of the Eye of Horus the Younger, which was lost and then healed during the battles with Seth. So the next time you go to the pharmacy, look for a sign of Horus the Younger's victory! (Source.)

Mayfair Games published a board game called Horus in 2008. It's a lot of fun to play, and like the god, it's all about ruling Egypt. Also like the god, people tend to throw tantrums when they start losing…

Horus Art Ceramiche creates beautiful wallpaper and designs based on nature. We're not sure if Horus the Younger likes wallpaper much, but he does like being outdoors.

Cornell University has a Horus Project in computer science. It was designed to replace an older system called the Isis Project. (Look out, Mom!)

Ever seen Tutenstein on Nickelodeon? You heard right: the museum director's name is "Horace," a pun on Horus. Since the director's full name is "Horace Bedety," it's a reference to Horus the Younger's uncle, Horus the Elder (the Horus of the Edfu temple called "Behdet"), and not to the son of Isis and Osiris. But the little dead pharaoh himself is more like Horus the Younger, complete with his battles against Seth.

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