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Horus the Younger - Teen Titans

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Teen Titans

These gods might not be as old as the rest, but they're not weaklings. Mess with them and you're going to go home with a black eye—or worse. Horus the Younger is probably the nicest of these guys.

Cupid (Eros)

Sure, he's a cute chubby winged baby. But don't let that adorable little face fool you. Cupid's got a bow and arrow, and he knows how to use them.


In some sources, this Slavic god is actually called Horus. Not because he's also a hawk-headed god from Egypt (there are lots, and they're all named Horus), but because Horus happens to be a term for Sun in his people's languages. Dazhbog was born in the winter, and brings gifts to people through sunshine the spring. He's also a talented blacksmith.

Dionysus (Bacchus)

He's young, he's kinda cute… and he's surrounded by a group of screaming women who like to rip things to pieces when they're in a frenzy. Despite what you may think, this young Greek god of wine and parties isn't really your best prospect for a date.

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