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Horus the Younger - Vengeance Squad

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Vengeance Squad

Like Bruce Wayne, all of these gods have a reason to get even with somebody. They're often watching the other kids, making sure that anybody who does something wrong is caught. Horus the Younger is proud to be part of this group, even if he's a little worried he might not measure up.


She's so big on vengeance that her name has come to mean the one who is going to punish you. This daughter of Aphrodite is definitely not taking after Mom: she's a tough chick who makes sure vengeance always lands where it's supposed to, especially on people who act too proud. Horus the Younger is always a little nervous around her.


This son of Odin by a giantess was so eager to avenge his brother Balder's murder that he grew to manhood in a single day. The next day, he killed Hodr, the blind god who had murdered Balder, and assisted the gods in tracking down Loki (whose fault the murder really was). Váli has until the end of the world, which his people call Ragnarok, to keep righting wrongs.


During his childhood at the bottom of the sea, this son of a mortal woman and a sea god flew kites that the Maori people could see in the distance—but they couldn't see who was pulling the strings. Once, his kite got away and he came to shore. When he grew up, Whakatau built war canoes and headed to another island to avenge his father's death and battle with the murderers to retrieve his father's bones.

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