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Hygeia (Salus) - The Healers

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The Healers

This clique is great to have around, especially when you're not feeling so well. Like Hygeia, everybody in this group is mad skilled at healing. No matter what ails you, they know how to fix it. If you've got something that needs looking at, don't be bashful—it's their job.


Hygeia's dad is the god of medicine and healing. He was once a mortal doctor who was so good at healing that he learned how to raise the dead. Zeus wasn't too pleased, though, and zapped him with a thunderbolt. Hygeia was worshiped alongside her father in temples all over the place, where the sick traveled to be healed.


Yeah, it looks like the penchant for healing totally runs in the family. Asclepius' father (Hygeia's granddad), the great god Apollo was also thought of as a god of healing. Apollo is the god of so many other things, though, that he leaves most of the doctor-ly duties to the healing hands of his son and granddaughter.


This ancient Egyptian is a whole lot like Asclepius—sometimes these two were even thought of as the same person. Like his Greek counterpart, Imhotep was considered the first doctor and was famous for healing abilities. Oh, and he also made the mortal to god transition, too.

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