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Idunn (Idun) - The Cool Things Club

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The Cool Things Club

These are the kids everyone wants to be friends with because they have cool things… like a pool. Or a hot car. And if you're friends with them, they'll let you use it. Of course, in the gods' case, the coolest thing of all is immortality. Gods and goddesses who possess the key to immortality are likely to be popular: after all, who doesn't want to live forever? So yes, everyone's clamoring for a bite of Idunn's apples so they can stay forever young.


When the Egyptian god, Seth, killed Osiris and scattered his body all over the world, Osiris' sister/wife Isis gathered the parts and put them back together. But she couldn't have brought Osiris back to life without the help of Thoth, who taught her the spell to resurrect him. Thoth also provided the spell to resurrect Isis and Osiris' son, Horus. Talk about cheating death.

Xi Wang Mu

You have to stay friends with Xi Wang Mu for a long time if you want to benefit from the peaches that grow in her garden. But if you manage to stay BFFs for the three thousand or so years it takes them to ripen, you'll be amply rewarded with an invitation to the "Feast of Peaches"—and immortality, to boot.

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