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Idunn (Idun) Gossip

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The wife of a U.S. ambassador to Norway, Mrs. Charles Ulrick Bay named her champion American thoroughbred racehorse Idun. Hey, horses do love apples, right? (Source.)

The Advisory Committee on Antarctic Names (yes, it really exists) elected to name a mountain range in Victoria Land the Asgard Range—one of the smaller peaks is called Idunn.

Idun, a Swedish magazine devoted to literature and gender equality, featured a picture of Idunn with her apples on its masthead. What would Idunn's fav magazine be?

There's an app for that! Iðunn Software creates beer- and wine-rating apps for the iPhone. Yeah, she's up with the times.

Finnish (i.e., from Finland) ambient/noise musical group Ambient Light released a 2008 Album called Idun. Take a listen—and then tell us what ambient/noise music is like.

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