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Imhotep - Awesome Architects

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Awesome Architects

Bob the Builder has nothing on these guys, and each of these gods has pitched in on some major construction projects, whether it's building temples or city walls. After all, what sort of simple human could build such magnificent structures by themselves? Suitably, they are the most muscular of males—and the handsomest.


Though he's the Greek deity of the sea, horses, earthquakes, and more, Poseidon is also pretty handy with bricks. While exiled from Olympus, he built the massive walls of Troy, which helped the city stay standing for so long. Who cares if this only happened because he and Apollo got in trouble with the other gods and were forced do manual labor for the king of Troy? He's still a baller architect.


When Enki wanted to build houses, he called on Mushdamma, the Sumerian god who's also known as "the great builder of Enlil." Mush watched over the houses and kept them nice and steady. Needless to say, he's a well-built fellow that attracts more than his fair share of ladies.


This Hindu god can stack bricks with the best of them, building cities from the ground up. From Ravan's famous city of Lanka to Krishna's home of Dwarka, Vishy's constructed them all. He's a one-man building machine who can create anything from scratch.

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