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Imhotep - From Dud to Deity

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From Dud to Deity

Being a mortal's not nearly as fun as joining the pantheon. These lucky people went from mere mortal to mythological figure in no time by becoming gods themselves. They lord it over everyone in the cafeteria—and yes, they even get first dibs at lunchtime.


When this sea goddess was a mortal, her name was Ino. She doubted her nephew Dionysus's claims that he was a god, so Dio turned her stark raving mad and made her jump into the ocean with her son. Thankfully, she didn't flounder (or drown), but instead became a goddess.

Guan Yu

This Chinese god started out life as a lowly merchant, but he quickly worked his way up the ladder. After a career as a great soldier, he became the god of war. You go, Guan Yu. Funnily enough, though, he's a big fan of keeping the peace, both at the lunch table and in China.


The first Roman emperor, Augustus was born Octavian, Julius Caesar's great-nephew. After becoming emperor, though, he went on to bigger—and more heavenly—feats when he became a god. As the ancient Romans would say, he was one special fella.

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