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Io - Beauty Queens

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Beauty Queens

This clique is packed with all the prettiest girls at school. We're guessing Io might've wished she was just a little bit less beautiful, though, since it was her smoking good looks that first attracted Zeus. Io's story proves that being pretty ain't always easy.


Helen is said to be the most beautiful woman to ever strut her stuff through the world of Greek mythology. Some even say that at one point she was thought of as a full-fledged love or fertility goddess. Of course, her incredible beauty got her and a whole bunch of other people in a ton of trouble. (Ahem... Trojan War, anyone?)


If Helen is thought of as the most beautiful woman ever, Aphrodite is the most gorgeous goddess. It's kind of her job since she's the goddess of love, sex, and beauty.

Venus (Roman) Aphrodite

When the Romans took over, Aphrodite came to be known as Venus. They named her after a sizzling planet! In Roman mythology, Venus is still the super popular goddess of love, sex, and beauty. Everyone wants to get on her good side.


Astarte is the Phoenician goddess of fertility. She came to earth as a falling star, and she rules the souls of the dead, which appear as stars in the night sky.


Freyja is the Norse goddess of sex and beauty. She's smokin' hot, and everyone wants to get with her.


Ishtar is the Babylonian goddess of war and sex. She also rules the underworld and is not a very nice lady—to put it kindly.


Innana is the goddess of love, sex, and war in ancient Mesopotamia. No surprise she's found herself in this clique.

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