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Io - The Heifers

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The Heifers

The girls in this group sometimes get made fun of because they're as big as cows. Actually, they are cows—literally. Well, cow goddesses, but still. Although Io didn't start out as a heifer and she isn't one any more, everybody still thinks of her as an honorary member of this group (whether she likes it or not).


This ancient Egyptian goddess is the big cow in the sky. (And you didn't know cows could fly.) She's a goddess of motherhood, feminine love, and joy, and—bonus!—the golden disk of the sun also burned between her horns. (Whoa, didn't that get hot?)


Isis is another crazy popular ancient Egyptian goddess. She even has her own temple in Rome, which is no small feat for a gal from Egypt. Some say that Isis is actually Io in disguise. Turns out that back in the day, both were depicted as beautiful women with cow horns. However, others say that Isis actually borrowed the cow horn style from Hathor, who was the first horned heifer of them all.

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