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Iris - Color Guard

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Color Guard

Iris isn't the only one with a little color up her sleeves. The kids in this group are always brightening up halftime with their multi-colored flags and streamers. They like nothing better than to bring a little color to the lives of those around them. And hey, we're not complaining.


Would it freak you out to think of a rainbow as a giant snake stretching across the sky? Well then, earmuffs. The Yoruba people worship Oshunamare, a lovely rainbow serpent.


When some of the African Yoruba tribe was taken to the West Indies, a few of their gods joined them. Aida-Wedo is the West Indian Voodoo version Oshunamare, the rainbow snake, and is thought to help with fertility.


Aside from having the greatest name ever, this African goddess of beer likes to decorate the sky with rainbows whenever she's throwing a party.

The Apsaras

These joyful water nymphs from Indian mythology can appear as clouds, butterflies, and—you guessed it—rainbows.

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