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Isis loves comic books. Or, if she doesn't love them, they sure love her! She's been the main character in two different comic book series. One of those (with DC Comics) was made into a Saturday morning live-action TV show in the 1970s. Isis was also a supporting character who made friends with The Mighty Thor in the Marvel universe.

In Egypt, Isis was a solar goddess as one of the Eyes of Ra, but in Greek and Roman mythology, she came to be associated with the moon. Maybe this is why a lunar crater in the Mons Vitruvius area investigated by Apollo 17 was named for her. (Source.)

Closer to home, three hurricanes and two tropical storms named Isis put the divine smackdown on the Pacific Ocean between 1980 and 2004. The hurricane Isis of September 1998 made landfall in Mexico and was serious enough to cause deaths. (Source.)

Even if Horus felt like his mother was a little bit smothering, we bet it was nothing like Her Majesty's Prison Isis, a juvenile detention center in the United Kingdom.

If you live in Japan or Singapore, you can buy a Toyota Isis van. If the goddess decides she'd like one, it's certainly big enough for the entire divine family, and there's room to strap Seth to the roof!

The boat of Isis, used in Roman festivals to Isis, Star of the Sea, was put on the coat of arms of the city of Paris, France in 1811 by Napoleon Bonaparte. While the image of the goddess has been removed from the coat of arms since Napoleon's time, the boat remains, along with the motto Fluctuat nec mergitur, or "She is tossed by the waves, but never sinks"! (Source.)

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