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Isis - Horus vs. Seth (First Complaint)

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Horus vs. Seth (First Complaint)

Case Description: Isis is the defendant and is accused of transforming herself into an old woman so that Nemty, the ferryman of the gods, would ferry her to the Island in the Middle where the other gods were holding a council to decide whether Horus or Seth should be made king. Isis was forbidden to attend this council after previously meddling with the contests between her son (Horus) and her brother (Seth).

Case Status: Dismissed. Isis succeeded in bribing Nemty with a golden ring. Ra punished Nemty for accepting the bribe and for failure to check if the old woman was Isis in disguise. Ra sentenced Nemty to have his toes cut off. Good thing he has a boat to ride in and doesn't have to walk anywhere.

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