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Isis - The Royal Goddesses

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The Royal Goddesses

These ladies rule! Isis is one of the Royal Goddesses, divine women who are queens, princesses, or sovereign in some way. Since they're all royal, it's hard to tell exactly which one is in charge, but they're always at the head table at any get-together.


This Greek goddess and queen has seen it all, being married to Zeus, the king of the gods. She's patient like Isis, and has lots of magical talent, but she doesn't like to be messed with. Hera and Isis like to dish about how they've gotten even with their enemies, and they both know what it's like to be cheated on. (Lucky for Isis, it only happened to her once.)


Gold! Everything about the Golden Goddess is bling, from her royal husband Horus the Elder, to her beautiful jewelry and clothes and temples. She's a princess, a queen, and Mistress of Egypt itself. Isis and Hathor both like to sing and dance, and spend nights daydreaming about their gorgeous husbands.


These two ladies have plenty to talk about. Frigg and Isis get to chat about things they have in common including motherhood, weaving, and magic—and they both know death. Isis lost her husband, Osiris, and the Norse goddess Frigg lost her son, Balder.

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