Study Guide

Jason: Later Adventures and Death Themes

  • Betrayal

    Jason's final days are full of all kinds of betrayal. First, his uncle Pelias betrays Jason by not giving Jason the throne like he promised he would if the hero returned with the Golden Fleece. This betrayal doesn't come as much of a surprise, since Pelias is a pretty sneaky dude. Later on, however, it's Jason's turn to stab someone in the back, when he betrays Medea by marrying Glauce, the Princess of Corinth. The final betrayal comes from Medea herself, who not only kills Glauce and Glauce's father, but also kills her and Jason's two sons. This is not only a betrayal to Jason, but it's also a betrayal of her two boys. Is there a worse betrayal that a mother could inflict on her children?

    Questions About Betrayal

    1. Which would you say is the worst case of betrayal in the story? Why do you think so?
    2. In what ways do the characters pay for betraying one another?
    3. What innocent characters pay for the betrayals of others?
    4. Is betrayal ever justified? When and why?
  • Revenge

    Revenge is pretty much Medea's territory in this story. She starts the retribution ball rolling when she tricks Pelias's daughters into killing him, when he breaks his promise to give up the throne to Jason. This revenge seems a little more sadistic than if Medea had just murdered Pelias herself. By using his own daughters against him, she not only punishes Pelias, but she also punishes his daughters. For what exactly? We don't know. Just existing? Medea's final revenge happens after Jason betrays her by marrying Glauce, the Princess of Corinth. To punish Jason, Medea kills her and Jason's children, Glauce, and Glauce's father. This revenge probably is way up there on the top ten list of most messed-up revenges ever. Once again, we see Medea involving innocents to get revenge against someone who might actually deserve a little retribution. For her brutal methods, we dub Medea the queen of revenge.

    Questions About Revenge

    1. Is it ever right to take revenge? Why, or why not?
    2. What would you say is the worst revenge in the story? Why do you think so?
    3. What's the difference between revenge and justice?
    4. If revenge were a type of bubble gum, which flavor would it be? Explain your answer.