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The Judgment of Paris

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There's absolutely no reason for you to care about this myth. After all, it's totally obsessed with physical beauty, which contemporary society just doesn't care about at all. Yes, modern-day human beings have advanced light years beyond the need to value such superficial things as good looks. In fact...

Ha! O.K., we totally can't keep a straight face anymore. You know it. We know it. Everybody knows it. These days, folks are just as obsessed beauty as they've ever been. We've got beauty contests just like the one Paris judges for Athena, Hera, and Aphrodite. We've got mega-famous supermodels who, just like Helen, are famous almost exclusively for their stunning good looks.

We obsessively surround ourselves with pictures of people who (for whatever reason) we've decided are beautiful. Every magazine cover model is airbrushed to perfection, each news anchor has every hair in place, almost every actor allowed on TV and the big screen is just a wee bit more good looking than most of the people you see in everyday life. Even the "ugly" actors are smokin'. No doubt about it, there's no beating the power of beauty.

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Movie or TV Productions

Helen of Troy
In this recent TV mini series, Paris abducts Helen and takes her to Troy. (Well, that changes things a bit. Not.)

In this star-studded Hollywood take on the Trojan War, Helen is played by Diane Kruger and Paris is played by Mr. Orlando Bloom.


Paris Kicks Some Butt
Both Paris and Helen pop up as characters in the video game, Warriors: Legends of Troy.


Iliad for Your Ears
You look like the kind of person who would love to listen to the whole of Homer's Iliad read aloud.

The Iliad for Boys and Girls
Check it out! Click the link and you can listen to a version of the Iliad that's for younger folks.


Marvel Illustrated: The Iliad
Marvel Comics brings you an awesome adaption of the Homer's Iliad, Paris included. (You can even read it online. It's tight.)

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