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Khepera (Khepri) - Early Risers

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Early Risers

Some gods hang out at night, after school. Others, like Khepera, are up at first light, and ready to get the day going in style.

Eos (Aurora)

Khepera thinks this Grecian goddess of the dawn is the best looking girl in school. He's not entirely sure whether her flirtatious looks mean anything, though. She's dated just about every guy in class. She's always home before dark, though.


While Khepera's usually the first one up, Ra is always the guy to greet him at the breakfast table. Egypt's sun crew is made up of these two, Atum, and Osiris, who covers the night shift so the morning gods can get some shut-eye.

Amaterasu Omikami

The Shinto goddess of the sun and the entire universe is the most beautiful woman that ever existed in Japan. When she got angry and locked herself in a cave one morning, the whole world almost died. Since then, everybody's been trying to stay on her good side.

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