The Hive

The deities of the Hive all have something to do with bugs and creepy things. Khepera's the head honcho (pun intended) in these parts because his head is actually a beetle. Doesn't get much more hive-y than that.

Xochiquetzal and Itzpapalotl

Xochiquetzal was originally a butterfly goddess among the Aztec people of Mexico. Before they arrived, another goddess, Itzpapalotl, kept order by flying around on her black butterfly wings and smacking evil around with her clawed hands and feet if need be. Both ladies are big artists, and Xochiquetzal's definitely the nicer of the two.


While this Greek goddess is usually out in the woods by her lonesome, sometimes she's associated with bees. The Greeks called her Mylitta (or Melissa) when she was hanging out with the yellow-and-black-stripe crowd, and they even gave her honey as an offering. Sweet!

Crom Cruiach

When other gods call Crom a creeper, he just smiles. He's Irish, and he takes the form of a big, scary-looking worm. Khepera isn't afraid and doesn't mind hanging out; both he and Crom Cruiach are sun gods, and neither gets much respect.

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