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Khnum - Pottery Lovers

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Pottery Lovers

These crafty divinities love to spend their time together making stuff out of clay. They go to pottery lessons together and teach each other new methods of making awesome artifacts. As the god who created humans, gods, and all living things out of clay, Khnum is the head honcho of this group.

Athena (Minerva)

This Greek goddess has a lot on her plate—she's the mistress of everything from tactical warfare to womanly arts. She's also the patroness of craftsmen, though, and counts pottery among her favorite hobbies. She and Khnum have an annual "Pottery-Off" to see who can make the best sculpture out of clay.

Nu Gua

This mythical Chinese heroine kept the human race afloat after a terrible flood. She and Khnum have a lot in common—both created human beings by making them out of clay. Her boyfriend, Fu Xi, taught all these new people basic skills: hunting, farming, fishing, you name it.

Saint Spyridon

Saint Spyridon is the patron saint of potters. He converted a pagan to Christianity by using pots—what else?—to explain theology. Though he's had a pretty hard life—he's worked in the mines—he still loves performing miracles.

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