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Khnum - The Sheep Clique

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The Sheep Clique

These gods love nothing more than a woolly creature or two to hang out with. Khnum's got it made, seeing as he's got a ram's head and all, but there are other mythical men and women who have it just as bad for sheep.


This Greek god is half-goat, half-man, but he loves spending time with his flocks of sheep scattered across the mountains of Greece. In his spare time, he enjoys sporting with nymphs and getting drunk with his BFFs. He even seduced Selene, mistress of the moon, by dressing himself in ram's skins.


A Celtic goddess from mainland Europe, Damona is a bit of a mystery, but was most likely a ruler of sheep. She's an enigmatic character, but probably was polyandrous—meaning she had two hubbies at once. In her spare time, she does love to hang out at pasture with her sheep buddies.


This Sumerian goddess is mistress of her own domain—when it comes to sheep, that is. A poem from 2000 BCE describes her as milking ewes. Yeah, she's pretty hands-on. She loves chilling with her ewes and rams and petting their soft wool.

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