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Khonsu - Healing Gods

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Healing Gods

Who needs to go to the nurse? Not these guys. With their healing powers, Khonsu and his pals can patch up their own wounds easily. They love swapping remedies and checking out the pharmacy for the latest cures to improve patients' lives.


Called Aesculapius by the Romans, this Greek son of Apollo became Chief of Staff at Mount Olympus Hospital. His trademark—a snake entwined around a staff—became the universal symbol for medicine and is still used today. Asclepius got a bit too good at his job, though. Instead of asking for a raise, he tried to bring the dead back to life and he was blasted to high heaven.


The Norse healing goddess, Eir is so good at her job that she has been called "the best of physicians." Her name means "peace," which makes sense, given the relief she gives her patients. Eir can be found grinding up herbs to create miraculous cures for even the most severe of ailments.

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