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Khonsu - The Moon Mob

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The Moon Mob

These kids are all gods and goddesses of the moon so they're prone to ups and downs as the month goes on. They also share a love of astronomy—though they gaze at the great white ball in the sky, not the stars. Some even change into wolf shape when the full moon hits.

Artemis (Diana)

Artie isn't just a Single Lady Extraordinaire (she took a vow of virginity); she also reps the moon to the fullest and loves the wild. This Greek goddess, whom the Romans called Diana, is a huge multi-tasker: she is a huntress, protects wild animals and maidens, and presides over fertility. You can find her playing with a fawn in the forest or aiming her bow at a mortal who's just annoyed her.


Hailing from West Africa, Gleti has got it going on. Her spirit resides in the moon itself, so she does a lot of traveling over the course of the month. Her hubby is Lima, the sun, which makes them West Africa's First Couple of the Milky Way. Everything isn't always peachy keen between these two, though: eclipses occur when they argue. Despite their spats, Gleti and Lima have quite a few children: the stars are their sons and daughters.


The Japanese lord of the moon, Tsuki's got quite the birth story. He was born from the right eye of the Shinto creator deity Izanagi; his siblings included the sun goddess, Amaterasu. Despite his famous family, Tsukiyomi was able to make a name for himself by repping the moon. He got on his sis's bad side, though, when he killed Ukemochi, a goddess of food, for giving him nourishment from her nose, mouth, and orifices. Tsuki and Ama haven't spoken much since.

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