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Lugh - Spearing Sweeties

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Spearing Sweeties

These fierce warriors never go into battle without their weapon of choice—the spear. Most of their chosen arms are magical, given to them by gods or dropped off by the stork. As it is, they practice hurling spears and running with heavy ones—just in case war comes!

St. George

The patron saint of England didn't just jump up and kill the dragon with no help. He had a big, pointy spear to help him out. Once the king St. G was sent to help, he converted to Christianity and he poked the dragon with his spear and destroyed the beast. That's one magic weapon.


This Greek hero didn't just help win the Trojan War—he did so using a magic spear. This powerful weapon was also a cure-all—when the enemy King Telephus was wounded, the only thing that would cure him was a poultice made of rust from Achilles's spear. Big A also used it against Hector, prince of Troy, to help his Greek buds destroy the Trojans.

Izanagi and Izanami

These Japanese deities from Shinto mythology are siblings and best friends. In order to make the world at the command of celestial beings, Izanagi stirred up the ocean to create land. Who knew that stirring a big bowl of salt water—not unlike making cookies—would create what would become some of the islands of Japan?

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