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Ma'at - Feathered Friends

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Feathered Friends

Ma'at wears an ostrich feather on her head; it's a symbol of her purity and truth. Some other gods and goddesses also like to wear feathers, or sometimes the whole bird. Every few weeks, they get together to watch their pets fly… or go on their own aerial adventures.


This brainy Aztec god is a snake, but he has feathers instead of scales. He likes to fly around in the morning, and sometimes he can make the wind blow. Handy trick for a flying god.

Zeus (Jupiter)

Zeus isn't actually a bird god or even a god with feathers, but he's a shape changer. The king of Greek Olympus can change himself into many forms, including some feathered ones. He's been an eagle, a swan, a flying thunderbolt, and even a flying shower of gold.

Eros (Cupid)

Aphrodite's beautiful and mischievous little boy has his own wings, which he uses to sneak around and surprise lovers with. Sometimes, he's said to be the father of all the birds that fly in the sky.

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