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Ma'at - Justice First

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Justice First

Don't ever try to beat these gods and goddesses at debate. We guarantee you won't win. Ma'at is the secretary of this formidable team of legal legends.


Babylon's favorite god is popular with the ladies and not just because he's got a great beard. He's a tough guy and a jock, but he's also got a sexy mind—he rules over the Mesopotamian gods with fair rules and a strong hand.


This Norse justice god is so good at what he does that nobody leaves Glitnir, his courtroom, unhappy. He must take after his father, the very popular hero god Baldur.


The Inuit people believe it's important to keep your word and obey laws. We're not sure if this is because they want to or because they're afraid of Issitoq. He takes the form of a giant flying eyeball and spies on people to make sure they're acting correctly. Better watch out.

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