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Ma'at - The Mysteries

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The Mysteries

These gods are quiet and hidden. Most of the rest of the gods have seen them around, but very few really know them. What are they up to in those secret club meetings? Nobody really knows. Well, Ma'at does, but she's not talking.


This Egyptian god is so mysterious his name actually means "the hidden one." All we know about him for sure is that he lives in Thebes, is married to Mut, and sometimes is made into a new god with the sun god Ra. Amun-Ra is called king of the gods, but even that doesn't seem to make him any less mysterious.


Nobody ever sees Hecate out before nightfall, and she seems to give everybody the creeps. Some of the other gods say she's a witch and can make the dead speak, but we might never know for sure. Are you going to ask her?


This African god (from the Yoruba-speaking lands in modern Nigeria, Togo, and Benin) is the "father of secrets." He keeps all the secrets of the world inside a hollow calabash (a kind of gourd or squash). The calabash also holds the tools of Ifa, various items including shells and stones that Orunmila uses to tell the future.

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