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Queen Maeve - Femme Fatales

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Femme Fatales

With their endless gams and confident personalities, it's no wonder these ladies get a lot of attention. And, boy, do they love attention. Though Maeve might not act with the same dramatic immediacy as the Sirens, pretty much all of her beaus meet a grisly end. As long as you're in public, it's probably okay. But if she sweetly asks to meet you behind the dumpsters for a little pre-class smooch, it might be wise not to go.


These sexy half-ladies/half-birds would just love to go to karaoke with you. Their voices are pitch-perfect and sure to get you into their arms. Before you take them up on their generous offer, you might want to plug your ears and consult the Odyssey. There's a reason you've never seen them with the same dude twice.


Ah yes. Helen. The face that launched a thousand ships. Or: the face that started the Trojan War that killed like a bajillion people. Do not sit by her in math class. Girl may be the most beautiful in the world, but she is taken, and her boo, Menelaus, is the jealous type.

The Ellepiger

These beautiful young Danish ladies seem all sweet and granola, taking their ballet classes after school and then dancing together in the forest. Even the name of their group is sweet: The Alder Tree Girls. As we all know, looks can be deceiving. Those who are lured into their dance circle are (a) weirded out by their hollow backs and (b) never heard from again.

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