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Queen Maeve - The Girls' Football Team

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The Girls' Football Team

Just because it's Powderpuff doesn't mean it's not tough. These girls scrimmage regularly with the boys' team to get Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger. Many of them, including Maeve, also play on the Rugby team ("less padding, more fun").

Athena (Minerva)

This Greek goddess of wisdom and defensive war obviously has her mind in the game at all times. Don't think that she's a softie just because she's wise: she gets as mean as Maeve in competition. (She turned Arachne into a spider over a little weaving contest!)

Artemis (Diana) 

Apollo's twin sister packs a mean punch. The other girls have to restrain her when they're playing vs. the boys because Artemis really, really dislikes dudes. As Greek goddess of the hunt, she never shies away from a good chase—even if it's just down the field.


Probably the most like Maeve, Astarte is a Phoenician goddess of sex and war. Yet another example of how most people are so much more than just a pretty face.


If you want a spot-on tackle, look to Serqet. You wouldn't think from her official post (Egyptian Goddess of Scorpions) that she'd have much interest in sports, but a major part of her job is fighting/restraining an evil chaos snake. And she has to do that on the daily. Football is easypeasy by comparison.

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