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Queen Maeve Gossip

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Some people think that Queen Maeve was the inspiration for Shakespeare's Queen Mab (mentioned in Romeo and Juliet). But most scholars believe the evidence for this is iffy. (Source.)

There's an Irish war ship dubbed the LE Maev. It keeps the company of the LE Macha and LE Cliona. Queen Maeve is probably the best war ship namesake we've ever heard. It's very important to name your boat properly. The LE Snuggles just wouldn't have the same effect. (Source.)

If you're the music-makin' type, maybe you can convince your parents to let you attend the Queen Maeve International Summer School in Sligo. (Sligo is the place where Queen Maeve's supposed tomb is!) At night, people can catch live performances, and maybe even do a little dancing.

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